Raleigh neighborhood unites after house shot up

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Joe Ontl and his wife Lynn had breakfast Saturday with their neighbors, some they’ve never met before.

“Some of them have been here 20 years,” Lynn Ontl said,  “some of them told they’ve been in this area 20 years. ”

They came to their home on Timberwood to show their support and let them know they’re not going to tolerate what happened here.

“We were grateful no one was hurt but it came to us we really need to step up our game,” said Beth Henderson

Wednesday night someone fired at least 30 shots into the Ontl’s house.

The bullets damaged their cars, windows, living room walls and just missed their bedroom.

Police say it appears the shooters were at the wrong house.

Isadore Harris, president of the Timberwood neighborhood watch, organized this gathering.

He also put a security camera on their home and several others in the neighborhood.

“If they had been up and good resolution then there would have been some footage of what the cars looked like,” Joe Ontl said.

The Ontl’s say last night police were at the home they believe was the intended target and they hope it will soon lead to some arrests.

In the meantime, they are hoping all of this will let criminals and others up to no good know they’re not welcome in their neighborhood.

“We want Mr.Joe and everybody else to know especially criminals that came through here today we are fixing to get you,” Harris said.

The Ontl’s say they love their neighborhood even more.

“It’s always been a wonderful community. We’ve been out here for 51 years and we ain’t leaving.”

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