Tax free weekend on weapons and hunting goods brings big business

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MISSISSIPPI—The race to save has brought people flying through Danny Metcalf's door at his Bullfrog Corner Pawn and Guns where he's known simply as the Gunfather.

"A lot of people save up for this weekend," Metcalf said.

This weekend is big business. He expects to bring in at least $50,000 in just three days; that's triple the norm.

"To us we call it bigger than Christmas," Metcalf said.

Metcalf says buyers have their scopes on saving big and getting a great deal.

"They save seven dollars on every hundred on ammo, pistols and rifles, any sporting goods."

He says the tax break gives customers the reason they need to pick up items they've already had their eyes on.

"I had one gentleman show up this morning pick up three guns. He knew exactly what he wanted," Metcalf said.

"A lot of people save up for this weekend."

The gunfather says it's an outdoor lover's dream.

"Worse than a kid in a candy store because they can afford it. Parents have to buy candy.

Metcalf says he's normally closed Sunday but this weekend he'll be open.

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