McLean and Union project moving forward

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --- You'll hear plenty more bulldozers and heavy machinery near a popular Midtown intersection.

The vacant old hotel and office building at the corner of Union and McLean is seeing movement.

Machinery and construction crews were on site Friday working on the eyesore.

"I noticed a lot of activity over here," said Ralph Chalmers, who was passing through. "Nice to see, because it's becoming an eyesore."

The building sat empty for years.

Now, developers are pumping millions of dollars into it and transforming it into apartments, parking and commercial space.

Developers said they will tear down the old office building and replace it with new construction.

They will also strip down the hotel to its concrete shell and covert it into 175 apartments.

Earlier this year, developers scaled back the project and scrapped the boutique grocery store that was a part of the original plans.

We called developers multiple times Friday to get an update on the project, but never heard back.

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