Outrage over gun negligence in past week

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A 3-year-old West Memphis boy is recovering after he accidentally shot himself in the head.

The statistics are almost unbelievable, but the shooting on Tuesday night is the fourth child under the age of 10 in five days that has accidentally shot himself in the Mid-South.

All of the cases are heartbreaking.

Two of the children have died, and two fathers are facing reckless homicide charges.

In all the cases police say the guns were left out, unsecured by their parents.

"This is an example for somebody else, but then you going to still have more examples because we still got a lot of negligent people out there that's handling guns, and as long as you got that element, that's the ingredient for disaster right there."

On Wednesday Jimmy Chambers didn't mince words. He is an investigator with for the Gang Unit for the Shelby County District Attorney's Office and also runs Camp Chambers, a camp to help troubled teens get their lives back on track. He talks to them about guns.

"There's nothing wrong with weapons. It's what you do when you put your hands on them," he explained.

However, on Wednesday our conversation is about adults taking the precautions.

He says it's pretty simple: Lock them up, put them away. Educate your child not to touch them.

"Kids sit there and watch everything. They're like sponges."

This week the Memphis Police Department reminded everyone you can go to your local precinct and ask for a gun lock for free. No questions asked.

They said if you ever feel you're in danger, be prepared.

"You put it in a place only you know where it's at and only you can access during stressful situations," explained Officer Marion Hannah.

Chambers hope parents take those extra few seconds that could save a life.

"It's tough. And I'm sure it's real tough on a parent that has lost a child."

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