MPD: Driver fires at car that passes him, puts children at risk

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police are investigating an apparent case of road rage that led to up to six shots being fired on a residential Orange Mound street near children, they said Tuesday.

Neighbors lamented the signs of change in their historic neighborhood where it happened.

Norfleet Dickerson works hard to keep up his home where he raised his children and has lived for 50 years.

“All my kids grown up right here in the yard," he said as he pointed his hose at his lawn.

But he said he’s one of the few originals left.

“New families moving in are going to have kids, so there be a lot of kids in the street," he said.

That’s why Monday’s incident is even scarier; a man said he was leaving his grandmother’s home near Douglas and Pendleton when he got stuck behind another car.

“One of the cars was going 30 mph so he just went around him," his girlfriend told WREG.

His girlfriend said that’s when the other driver fired back, literally.

"He just sticks his hand out the car, starts shooting. He continues to keep driving. The car was following him around the hood in Orange Mound," she said.

She said the chase continued several blocks up Buntyn. Police said the suspect fired up to six times outside his car on the stretch.

"[My boyfriend] was very scared. He was shaking after that happened for an hour," she said.

“I’m not surprised," Dickerson said. "Anything can happen now. It be a lot of shooting going on at night.”

The victim’s girlfriend said he grew up in Orange Mound but didn’t recognize the shooter. He doesn't live in the area anymore.

She had a message for the shooter and the entire community, including Dickerson's neighbors.

“Be careful. You need to have regard for other people’s lives because a bullet can ricochet,” she said.

She hoped that message would land somewhere that counts.

Police said no one was serious hurt. The victim said the car was a white Chevrolet Malibu with Florida tags.