Friends join forces to help woman and family

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — The Wolf River Surgery Center has helped many Mid-South patients through the years. Today, we help one of their employees.

"We had a girl whose husband was diagnosed with liver and colon cancer back in March of 2016. She's really been struggling. He was self-employed and a band member and so he doesn't have any disability coming in, and she's been the sole breadwinner now for over a year," said Syliva, who worked at Wolf River Surgery Center.

Sylvia's friend Annessa works with our recipient, Jeanelle.

"Been going through a struggle as you can imagine. And only by the grace of God, family and friends do they keep fighting and going forward."

So let's busy and pass it on.

"So we want to be a blessing to this family today, so I'd love it if you could hold out your hand," WREG's Tim Simpson says, handing over $300 from News Channel 3 and $400 from a generous donor.

Sylvia adds another $100, and Annessa has $400 from the staff at Wolf River Surgery Center.

That brings our total to $1,200.

We cross the parking lot and enter through the back door. The staff is in the conference room for what Jeanelle thinks is a brief staff meeting.

"Jeanelle, I know you've had such a hard time lately with Dave being sick and everything. And so I wrote it to Pass It On, and we were chosen to help you out and bless you."

Jeanelle is overwhelmed even before Sylvia starts counting out the cash.

Jeanelle's husband, Dave, the former band member, has hit some hard times. His life was rocked by cancer. This money will help with expenses.

"So blessed," Jeanelle said. "I am so blessed to have such great co-workers and for y'all and this sweet lady right here."