Family of 8-year-old who accidentally shot and killed himself speaks out

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Family is speaking out Tuesday night after the shooting death of 8-year-old Deaundre Shannon. Deaundre was one of three children to accidentally shoot and kill themselves over the weekend.

Deaundre's father sits in the jail, but his family said he's heartbroken he made such a careless mistake, which cost his son's life.

"He is just crying and crying and thinking because he never would've wanted that to happen," said Rosetta Fitzgerald. "He really wasn't thinking."

Yet three days after he was killed, little Deaundre Shannon is all anyone's thinking about. Just two weeks ago he celebrated his 8th birthday and just started back at school at Gardenview Elementary.

Now he's gone. Corderro Wilhite is charged with with reckless homicide after police say he placed a loaded on gun on the bed near his son.

Deaundre's mother said it's a pain no mother should ever have to experience.

"It's very heartbreaking, I just catch myself crying at random times. It's not a good feeling to have to bury your child," said Denika Shannon.

Police says Wilhite hid the gun under a few pillows because he didn't want his kids to see it. Wilhite's mom admits that wasn't a smart decision.

"Their dad was trying to get the baby girl's phone downloaded for her game so she can play, and that's when the gun went off," said Fitzgerald.

Deaundre suffered a gunshot wound to his left side and chest. He died in the hospital.

"It's like I feel kinda of sorry for him and all of us have to go through this, but I'm still kind of disappointed also," said Shannon.

Fitzgerald said Deaundre was full of life and very close to his brothers and sisters.

"He was my miracle baby 'cause God gave him to us," said Fitzgerald. "We almost lost him right after he was born because he got meningitis and the doctors have gave him up."

Tonight she's warning all parents to be more responsible.

"A lot of people have guns to protect themselves, but they need to keep them out the reach of children."

As the family prepares for funeral arrangements, they're asking for donations to be sent to Regions Bank in honor of Deaundre Shannon.