Mud Island takes down Confederate flag

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Confederate flag that used to fly over Mud Island has been removed, and social media exploded with speculation.

"We changed out an exhibit that hasn't changed since 1982 when the river park first opened," said Dorchelle Spence, vice president of the Riverfront Development Corp.

People assumed Mud Island took down the  flag that once swayed in the wind on the tip of the island in response to racial tension. But Spence says while that played a part it's not the reason for the removal.

"The RDC is not tone deaf. We understand what's going on in our community. That exhibit needed to be changed out anyway. This was a good time to make that change," she said.

In fact the RDC took down every flag that was once a part of the exhibit only leaving the state and US flags on display.

For now the RDC plans to keep the new display simple, allowing only two flags to stand along the gateway of the mighty Mississippi River.