Ceiling collapses on teen girls in home tenant claims is riddled with problems

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Straight from the kitchen to the mouths of hungry Memphis, Candice Friason said the food she whips up at her home catering business in Hickory Hill was making her a windfall.
"On Sundays, I make over $500, $600," Friason said.
Until one day last month, when Friason got a whiff of something that wasn't on the menu.
Mountains of mold had sprung up in her bathroom and sent parts of the ceiling caving in on top of her teen daughters.
"My daughter was in here trying to put the bucket of water in here and then the whole ceiling, pow, fell," Friason said.
It didn't end there.
"So my oldest daughter came in here to clean the bucket again and as she got ready to pick the bucket up, the whole mirror fell out and hit her in the head."
Friason showed WREG texts to her landlord with a company called Kismet Properties about the hole in her ceiling and about the mold, which she said they recently came to fix.
But a week later, Friason said the mold is back.

In a downstairs bedroom, water also drips from the ceiling and pools in puddles on the floor.

"My rent is $1,100 here. $1,210 'cause I always pay late," Friason said. "This just not right for nobody to do nobody like this."
Kismet Properties closed early Friday so WREG couldn't get their response, but Friason said she's contacted the city's code enforcement department and they confirmed to WREG they've sent an inspector to Friason's home before and will send another one on Monday.
The city sent WREG the following statement:
"The city's Code Enforcement Department has an active case at this locations. Our report indicates the work is being completed. However, the tenant stated the problem still exist [sic] and we sent an  Inspector to evaluate the property.
A code enforcement supervisor stated in speaking with the property management company that repairs have been made. The management company sent Maintenance out again but allegedly the tenant would not allow entrance. City Code Enforcement will be visiting this location on Monday morning."