Local mother in training for the Winter Olympics

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OLIVE BRANCH, Miss —Inside the MidSouth Ice House feels like an ice box. It's the perfect conditions for Sable Otey as she prepares for the Winter Olympics next year in South Korea.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and not everyone gets to do this. Not everyone gets to be a part of a U.S. team."

Otey is a member of the U.S. Women's bobsled team making her daily schedule and training regimen grueling.

"Wake up, train, go to work, train after work and then still have to find time for my family."

The mother and full-time physical education teacher at Lowrance Elementary said she hadn't thought about bobsledding until three years ago.

"I'd never been down in a sled and didn't really like roller coasters either. "

But her competitive spirit sent her on a quest to make the team and now she wants to win the gold.

"I think that this is awesome. Just to be a mom and a teacher, it's very inspiring to people. I've been told that a lot ."

On the team, Otey is a brakeman.

"We push from back here, that's why we're called the brakeman. We get the sled going as fast as we can and at the end we stop the sled, we brake."

It isn't glamorous or easy.

"Sometimes the snow gets caught in the brakes so we have to like shake the brakes and pull again before we run into this big pad or something, or the sled runs off the ice. It's pretty crazy but it's fun at the same time."

The Midsouth Ice House is the only year round ice facility in the area. The closest ones are located in Nashville and Little Rock.

"We have to get a lot of training and ice time is really good so I'm glad that I have this opportunity to use the Ice House."

Athletes who train and compete in the Olympics have to pay for everything related to their training and preparation.

"Training on the ice in Canada or wherever I am we have to pay to use the ice house, pay for housing, pay for cars, pay for food, pay for nutrition and most of all we have to pay for  treatment."

Most have sponsors and this native Memphian needs your help.

"The biggest thing is trying to get my city behind me to sponsor me."

It's those sponsors and her local community who keep pushing her forward towards an Olympic dream.