Man says MPD flagged his home as a hazard

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Frayser man said ever since Memphis police flagged his home as hazardous, it's caused a slew of problems.

"Just take that label off my home," said Reginald Johnson.

He said ever since police labeled his home as a hazard, things have changed.

Take what happened in February when his daughter called to file an accident report.

"Four or five cars came. I called and asked them why that many cars would come for just a traffic accident," said Johnson.

That's when Johnson said he found out his house had been flagged.

"It's for your protection as well as the protection of the officers," Johnson said officers told him.

He said this all stems from two years ago when a shooting victim showed up on his front doorstep.

Johnson said officers got to the scene and then barged into his home, where they attacked and pepper-sprayed him. Officers said Johnson lunged and cursed at him first.

There was no cameras inside to tell what actually happened that night, but Johnson filed a complaint with the Civilian Law Enforcement Review Board, which later ruled in his favor.

What Johnson said he didn't know is one of the officers filed a complaint against him claiming he threatened that officer's life.

Even though Johnson said that didn't happen, MPD said anytime an officer is threatened or their safety is put at risk, communications is notified and the location is flagged, that way officers can properly prepare if they ever get called back to that scene. Basically, it's like an F.Y.I. for officers.

"I feel bad for the simple reason: I want to live! I want to be able if I see stuff around the neighborhood, and they come and not feel threatened," he said.

Johnson believes this all stemmed from him speaking out against officers, but MPD assured us that is not the case.

MPD said locations can be deemed no longer hazardous, but that's determined case by case.

They said they are in contact with Johnson.