Protesters surround Jefferson Davis statue in Downtown Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The protest over Confederate symbols moved to another monument in Memphis.

A large crowd gathered at the Fourth Bluff Park, where a statue of Jefferson Davis stands. This all started with an invitation to have dinner with the statue, but those who support it say that was just a hoax put out by protesters to stir things up.

It's the second time this week that a confederate statue in the city has been targeted. People gathered at the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue in Health Sciences Park Saturday to stand in solidarity with those who fought against white supremacy in Charlottesville. Monday, someone put a hood on the statue's head, and protesters returned that night.

"We want these statues down, and we're not going to stop until they come down, so that means out here protesting and marching all day," Antonio Cathy said.

Lee Millar with Memphis Sons of Confederate Veterans says it's a statue representing the American military, and he says it's a huge mistake for the city to take it down.

"None of statues represent white supremacy or racism whatsoever. They're historic monuments about the war between the states."

For Gayle Rose, this is deeply personal, especially after she visited her son's grave two weeks ago and found a Confederate flag stuck in it.

"It was very offensive to me to have Confederate flag on my sons grave," she said.

"In a community that's 67 percent African-American, he should not be standing there. He was put there in 1964 to intimidate them," Rose continued, talking about the Davis statue. "And this kind of hate, symbols of hate have to come down this year."

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