Good Samaritan carjacked attempting to help crooks he thought were broken down in the rain

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A good Samaritan found himself under attack Monday afternoon.

He says he was held at gunpoint when he pulled over to help someone he thought needed a jump.

Leroy Jackson knows how frustrating it is to get caught in the rain.

"I have no problem helping folks," he said Tuesday.

When the downpour hit Monday afternoon, Jackson saw some people with their hood up at Person Avenue and Elvis Presley Boulevard.

"Dude on the side of the road looked like he needed a jump. So I’m like, it’s raining don’t nobody want to be stuck in the rain. I’m going to give them a jump," he said.

However, the intended good deed quickly backfired.

Jackson soon discovered he was the one getting jumped. Two men approached and told him to go and leave his Dodge Ram pickup behind.

"He had a mask on and once he said get to steppin' I ain’t looking to mess you up.”

"After he had his truck stolen, Jackson walked nearly a mile in the rain until he found police in front of a Family Dollar on Bellevue.

"You try to be nice. Help folks out. But like my brother said, I might’ve saved somebody else’s life. Because it could’ve been an old man and he could’ve refused to give up his stuff and something else could’ve happened," explained Jackson.

He’s thankful no one was hurt, saying his truck is replaceable.

He’s never thought twice about helping someone he sees in need.

"You didn’t hesitate, a man broke down on the side of the road, a woman got a tire blown out, you know you help them change a tire. You do what you need to do to help each other.”

He said he's not going to stop. With a smile on his face, he explained he’ll just be more cautious from now on.

"I’m still going to be me. I’m still going to help folks. I’m still going to lend a hand."

The truck that was stolen is a silver Dodge Ram with Tennessee plates — Z9797F. If you know anything give police a call.