Worker shot and robbed inside Whitehaven church

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police cars surrounded the Wholeness in Christ Family Ministries Church on Winchester Road Monday. Inside police say a worker was approached by gunmen who robbed and shot him.

Terra Smith was doing laundry across the street.

"I heard a gunshot. I was coming out the washer and I heard one gunshot. As I heard one gunshot I kinda start looking around like did I hear a gunshot?" said Smith.

Later she saw the man, believed to be in his 60s, loaded onto a stretcher and taken to the hospital.

"I pray that he is OK," said Smith.

"There was one shot fired. The victim was struck one time," said Lt. Colonel Caroline Mason with the Memphis Police Department.

Police said the unidentified man had been hired by the church pastor to make some repairs at the church. Wholeness In Christ Ministries had already moved to another location, and the building was being prepared to be rented out.

Police don't know who the gunmen are and they aren't saying how much money they got in the robbery.

Smith said she saw two young guys running.

"I just saw two young males running down into the apartments. That's all I saw. They had on all black. One had on long pants. One had on shorts," said Smith.

Police began searching the apartments right behind the church looking for two suspects.

"No one is in custody at this time. However, we do have officers over there searching for possible suspects in that area, suspect or suspects," said Mason.

It all leaves some a little shaken that even a house of worship isn't immune from thieves.

"It's just sad. Just the day and time we are living in," said Smith.

The worker who was shot is expected to recover. He was taken to the hospital in noncritical condition.