Road rage in Bartlett ends in arrest

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. -- A 42-year-old is in jail after a case of road rage ended with threatening words at the Lowe’s parking lot in Bartlett.

However, the reason for his arrest after he was the one to call the cops may have you surprised.

Police say Corey Dickerson called them saying he’d been in a road rage incident with another car that ended in the Lowe’s parking lot on Highway 64.

Bartlett police said they responded to the call around 4:30 p.m. Sunday, and when they got there, they said both parties said the other one essentially started it.

Dickerson reported the other car followed him into the lot after they got mad at each other on the roads. He said someone in the car then threatened him with a hammer, which led to him threatening to shoot them.

“I can relate, but I’d never take it that far, though," said Ashley Horton, who lives in Cordova. "I wouldn’t follow someone because you never know what they have, they might have a gun, a knife.”

But the people in the other car told police Dickerson followed them into the lot and he threatened to shoot them first. They also said Dickerson drove away but then came back to try to hit them with his car.

“That’s crazy, absolutely," said driver Peyton Knight. "I can’t even imagine doing that.”

Police said Lowe’s wouldn’t assist with tracking down surveillance footage.

But after taking down everyone’s information, it turned out Dickerson (the one who called them) had a warrant out for his arrest in Kentucky. He’s now being held as a fugitive from justice for a charge of child neglect and is waiting to be extradited back.