Man carjacked at gunpoint in driveway

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Christopher Layrock said he didn't know he was driving into danger as he backed into his Southwest Memphis driveway Tuesday morning.

The father told WREG he was carjacked and robbed by two men as his girlfriend and two children slept inside his home on Cana Road.

"They just walked up to the driveway. I saw one of them had a gun to me and pretty much told me, 'Don't move,'" Layrock said.

Layrock got home from work around 3:30 a.m. -- as he always does -- when he got his first clue something was wrong.

He noticed a white Hyundai Sonata driving back and forth down the street.

Two men eventually got out, and one repeatedly asked Layrock for a cigarette lighter.

"They were just trying to get my attention to keep me outside and not head in the house."

The men soon gave up on the lighter ruse and pulled out a gun, taking Layrock's phone and car, a 2005 silver Nissan he had purchased just months before.

"I don't know if they'reĀ  gonna find it or it's probably already chopped up by now."

But Layrock is most puzzled by what the crooks didn't take.

"That's the weird thing: They just took the phone and the car, and when I got in the house I realized I still had my wallet."