Puppies dognapped from petsitter’s yard

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- An Arlington woman is heartbroken after two of her Pomeranian puppies were dognapped right from her petsitter’s yard in Nutbush.

Police are investigating, but so far they haven’t been able to track the pups down.

The entire thing was captured last Wednesday afternoon by a neighbor’s home surveillance camera.

"They caught on video that someone reached in the backyard and just took them," said the dogs' owner, Abigail Aguilar.

The grainy video shows someone walking up the driveway and, seconds later, apparently leaving with those two puppies.

"I was just in shock that someone would come and literally reach in the backyard and just take what’s not theirs," Aguilar said. "I was devastated."

A family friend was watching the 2-month-old pups, along with another sibling and their mom, while Aguilar was out of town on vacation.

The petsitter told Aguilar she let the dogs outside at her home in the 4000 block of Truman Avenue, and when she went back out to get them, Sunshine and Kong were gone.

"They said that they went back outside to bring them in and they just found the mom and one of the babies," Aguilar said.

Now, Aguilar says the pups’ mother is becoming ill wondering where her babies are.

"She’s stressed now because she’ll look for the other two and she only has one," she said.

Like most dog owners, Aguilar admits Sunshine and Kong are more than just pets.

"They’re not just dogs to me, they’re part of my family," she said.

And she hopes whoever took them will do the right thing and bring them back.

"If I can’t find them and they’re not returned to me, I just want them to be happy and taken care of how they’re supposed to be," she said.

Aguilar has posted flyers all over the city and on Facebook, hoping someone recognizes the puppies.

If you know anything, give Memphis police a call at 528-CASH.

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