Hundreds of students take to the street on annual service day

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hundreds of students throughout the Mid-South took to the streets Thursday to make a difference in the community as part of Axis Nation’s annual service day.

The Life Church partnered with the Memphis Police Department, the City of Memphis, Memphis City Beautiful and the Memphis Dream Center to organize this year’s event.

Their mission: to “be the difference” at one of 25 locations across the city.

WREG was there as teams of students picked up trash at the Liberty Bowl and at the home of Ms. Aurelia Kyles, the widow of the late Reverend Kyles.

Over at the Tillman precinct, students did yard work and even washed some of the police cruisers.

Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings was excited about the students wanting to help out in the community and said it’s just one of the many great things about our city.

“What a great way to start out the school year with an opportunity to serve, worship and fellowship. This is what Memphis is really all about,” he said. “We talk a lot about crime and some other things that are not what we desire, often we miss out on what’s really going on in the city.”

He encouraged all of the students to continue helping out whenever they can.

“It’s all about service. I want our kids to know as they start school next week that they’re there to serve their schools, serve their community, serve their teachers and serve themselves and their families. It has to start somewhere so start by committing to being a positive influence in your neighborhood, being a positive influence in your family.”

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