Dash cam video captures moment drunk driver hits Fort Worth officer

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FORT WORTH, Texas — Fort Worth police have released amazing dash cam footage after an officer ran to a person’s aid after he himself was hit by a drunk driver during a traffic stop.

In the early morning hours of July 7, Officer Matt Lesell pulled over a car on the interstate. As he’s speaking to the driver, the video captures the moment a second driver hits the squad car then barrels into the officer and stopped vehicle.

Lesell hits the ground and rolls to his knees before collapsing in an interstate lane.  Within seconds he is back on his feet, running to check on the other victim.

“Every time I watch [the video], I’m still surprised it was not worse,” Lesell told the Star-Telegram. “My job is going to accidents and seeing horrific events, and I’ve seen accidents that don’t look nearly that bad, but there were worse injuries. I’m lucky with how it turned out.”

Lucky indeed.

Doctors said Lesell suffered a hyperentended foot and fractured vertebra, but is expected to be okay.

As for the driver, Mike Mitchell, he was charged with intoxication assault causing bodily harm to a police officer.

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