Carjacking victim describes wild ride with suspect who escaped from the hospital

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Christina Rosemond knows she is very lucky after what happened to her Tuesday afternoon. She was waiting for her mom at the hospital, sitting in the passenger seat of her Jeep, with her 3-month-old niece and nephew, 3, in the backseat.

“I was sitting at Regional One waiting on my mom to be discharged. I heard yelling. I looked up and the guy was running from the officer," Rosemond said.

West Memphis Police said the man was Jeremy Fletcher. He’d already run from them once that day, so they took him to the hospital for treatment before jail.

That’s when they say he broke free for the second time in a day. But the second time it happened at the hospital in Memphis.

Memphis Police didn’t answer WREG's questions about how it happened. Rosemond said she saw Fletcher with only one handcuff on but the officer was trying to apply the other.

“The police officer was older so he figured, 'I could take him.' He tried it and he succeeded," she said.

That’s when she said Fletcher started running toward her Jeep.

“It looked like he was about to run past the car. Then we made eye contact. He ran back to the driver seat and pulled the door before I could lock it,” she said.

She said the officer was going to use a stun gun on him but stopped.

"It looked like was about to Tase him but [the officer] looked at me. It was too close and he didn’t want to get me," she said.

She said Fletcher took the steering wheel and drove off with her, her niece and nephew inside. She said he left the hospital and traveled down some back roads. She was worried about her niece and nephew.

“The whole time he was driving into incoming traffic,” Rosemond said. "All I could say is please slow down. You can have the truck. Pull over and let the kids out."

She said Fletcher pleaded with her not to tell authorities where he was.

He eventually stopped at an apartment building on Race Street in south Memphis. She said he took $4 from her to buy a shirt off another man’s back.

"I didn’t trust anything he was saying. I just wanted to get back safely and the kids safely," she said.

She said he took off on foot leaving her with her car and the kids. Everyone was OK, she said.

She said the only thing he took from them was the $4 and a cellphone. They later called the cell, and he answered but immediately hung up.