85-year-old says home was caught in crossfire of drug, gang activity

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A great-grandmother will have to get her home repaired after a barrage of bullets struck her house.

It was caught in the crossfire of drug and gang activity in North Memphis

"I heard something like boom, boom, boom!" said 85-year-old Martha Williamson.

She said the noise frightened her while she was having her dinner Tuesday.

"I was scared to open the door. I kind of peeked out and didn't see nobody," she told WREG.

It wasn't until her grandson came home when she discovered what happened. Multiple bullets riddled her home on Pearce.

"I said, 'What!' I said, 'I told you all I heard some hard hitting,'" she said.

The home next to Williamson's was hit too. She said an elderly woman and two kids live there.

She called police to let them know what happened. No arrests have been made.

"They are shooting around here all the time. Day and night. Just like crazy," said Williamson.

She said the gang and drug activity is out of control in her neighborhood.

Just a few houses down, neighbors told us a car was shot up the night before. They said gunfire seems to be the norm.

Williamson said she's just thankful her great-grandson wasn't home when the bullets went flying. He sleeps in the front room and could have easily been hit.

"It's kind of scary. It's kind of scary," she said shaking her head.

Just outside her home sits a church.

Williamson said right now it's her only hope. She's constantly praying for her neighborhood.

"I do. I pray for my surroundings. I really do," she said.