West Memphis chase suspect on the run after escaping hospital

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Tuesday was a day chock full of drama for police in both Memphis and West Memphis, and they say one man was at the center of all of it.

Police said Jeremy Fletcher, 31, is on the run after taking police on a multistate chase, crashing and then escaping from police custody only to carjack a woman outside Regional Medical Center.

"He came running out with his gown on and everything and carjacked a lady right in the front," said a woman, who wished to remain anonymous.

She watched as Fletcher allegedly jumped into a white Jeep and took the driver along for his second police chase of the day after fleeing from the hospital bed where he was handcuffed around 4 p.m.

"It was one police guy right there at the car when he jumped in and peeled off. But he couldn't stop the car," said the witness.

Hours earlier, West Memphis police chased Fletcher across the I-40 bridge into Memphis, where he crashed a van -- which police say wasn't his -- into a police cruiser and guardrail near Danny Thomas around 2 p.m.

He was wanted in West Memphis for close to 30 car break-ins at a number of rest stops over the last few weeks.

WREG watched as backpacks and purses were unloaded from the wrecked van Fletcher was driving.

According to the Tennessee Department of Correction, Fletcher should have been serving a nine-year prison sentence which would have expired in 2021, but he got parole last year.

WREG unearthed dozens and dozens of charges filed against Fletcher in just a three-year period, including burglary, theft and evading arrest.

Fletcher allowed his carjacking victim to return to the scene unharmed after he bailed out in South Memphis, according to police.

West Memphis police say if he's captured, they'll let Tennessee take the first crack at him before extraditing him to Arkansas, where he'll be charged with breaking and entering, fleeing, reckless driving and aggravated assault.

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