Kroger customer Passes It On to kind employee facing financial challenges

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — At a Kroger store in East Memphis, one employee is doing more than pushing shopping carts. He's building a base of loyal Kroger customers. Meet Kathy Jordan.

"His name is Mato, and he's been in America for about 17 years, and he is our sacker here at Kroger on Truse Parkway. About a month ago after shopping I went home and just decided to make a Facebook post about him because he's so sweet. He's just the nicest guy you could ever meet. He always makes sure that we get our groceries safe to the car," Jordan said.

Our recipient, Mato, speaks broken English, but I suspect some Ben Franklins will bridge the language barrier. There's $300 from Pass It On and $300 from our generous donor, but even more — Kathy's Facebook friends and neighbors are adding $1200 to our amount!

Just moments later we get a call from the store manager. We send our playmaker, Kathy, into the store. Just moments later, I move into position.

It's easy to see why Mato is so loved by his customers.

"Well Mato, you are such a nice guy. You know all your customers love you, so a bunch of us wrote in to Channel 3 and they have chosen you for some money," Kathy said.

Kathy counts out the cash and receives an outpouring of thanks from Mato.

Mato escaped the violence of Bosnia to make a better life here in the United States. He's had some financial challenges recently, but with the kindness of his customers and Pass It On, things are looking up.

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