Latino community standing up against ICE raids across Mid-South

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MASON, Tenn. -- Throughout the Mid-South a wave of fear has fallen over the Latino community with the uptick in ICE raids, unfair treatment of immigrants to even the murder of innocent people.

"ICE, they've been playing a game, it's hunt season for them," said Yuleniny Escobar.

The Latino community says lately there's a target on their backs and the scope of the gun is zeroing in on immigrant families.

"We are aware and we want our other brothers and sisters to be aware," said Escobar.

On Saturday dozens rallied outside of the very place many of their loved ones end up after being picked up by ICE, the Mason Detention Center in Tipton County.

People from all walks of life are saying the raids must stop, no to separating families and yes to unity. They're also speaking out about social injustices, like the recent gunning down of a Latino man inside of his Southaven home, a man believed to have been unarmed according to family.

"I know you heard of the murder of Ismael Lopez, the community is in more fear — not fear, terror," Escobar.

Even though they are terrified that members of their community could be picked up and separated from their families or, even worse, killed, they say they won't be silenced.

"We are resisting, and this is going to stop, it's going to stop," add Escobar.

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