Otis Sanford: Americans should be appalled by White House

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — From the fight over health care to the turmoil between White House staff members including ousting his chief of staff.

President Donald Trump's administration has no shortage of news makers.

Whether you favor Republicans, Democrats or none of the above.

Every American should be appalled by what we`re seeing these days in Washington.

We have lawmakers who agreed to vote for a healthcare bill that they themselves described as a fraud.

Just so they could claim to their constituents that they did something to repeal the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare.

Any senator willing to pass a bill while also desperately hoping that it never becomes law is not worthy of holding elected office.

And yet, that is what we have serving Americans in Congress

Worse than that, we have a White House that is in complete disarray with top staff members for President Trump currently acting like thugs on the streets of New York.

Chief among them is Anthony Scaramucci, the president`s handpicked choice for White House communications director.

He unleashed a series of profanity laced comments about other senior members of Trump`s inner circle. All of it apparently with the blessing of the president himself.

Folks, this is not normal.

It speaks volumes about the toxic tone and temperament of this administration.

Mid-Southerners who fell for it, and voted for Trump will continue to make excuses.

Those who didn`t will continue to have Maalox moments every day. Indeed all of us, supporters and detractors, should really be concerned about the deteriorating state of our government.

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