Loved ones hold vigil for Southaven man killed by police

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —"It's hurt, disbelief, devastated any words that can describe," Said Jordan Castillo. "If you could put them all together and make a single word that's how I feel."

Since words just wouldn't do. The family of Ismael Lopez relied on the tears to show the depth of their heartbreak--and despair.

"All that we know is we stand in the face of tragedy, " said Castillo

"The simple fact that it shouldn't have happened."

Lopez's family is now left leaning on each other for strength after their protector and provider was shot on Sunday on Surrey Lane.

"He was unarmed it just makes no sense," shared Castillo.

Praying for the truth finds its way to the surface since they think Lopez did nothing wrong.

Southaven police admit they went to the wrong house and were looking for another man.

"He's not blood to me but it hurts still," Castillo said.

Memories exchanged of a man who most remember as selfless.

"Even on his birthday we'd all go out he'd pay for everything he'd say I got it," recalls Castillo. "I got it."

And although he'll never get the chance to treat others on his special day again--his family vows to seek justice on his behalf.

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