Mid-South shoppers, retailers prepare for tax-free weekends

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"We're going to have a pretty busy weekend I'll say."

Reginald Anderson, co manager at the Bartlett Walmart, says his store is stocked and ready for the tax-free weekend rush.

"The sale starts tonight at 12 p.m., so we're expecting a big crowd tonight. But it ends Sunday at 12. So between tonight at 12 and Sunday at 12 we're expecting a pretty big crowd."

School supplies, backpacks, some clothing and even laptops and tablets are included.

"But nothing over $1,500 will not be tax free. No cellphones are tax-free."

The tax-free weekend comes as parents and teachers are getting ready to go back to school.

Teacher Audrey Engstrand is looking to rack up on classroom supplies.

"You know, some students don't have all the supplies. So you want to get extra for them too. So the tax-free weekend's definitely helping with that."

Mississippi's tax-free days are Friday and Saturday on clothing and footwear.

"The taxes are kind of high. So not having to worry about them is kind of nice."

Leah Wells is from Marion, Arkansas, and heading off to college.

"Well, we obviously need clothes. Because we have sorority things and parties to go to. So it will help us out a lot."

But no one we found was more excited than Whitney Baker.

"I know it's going to be great savings this weekend. So I am out now trying to take advantage of that. They do have a lot of sales before tax-free. So that is what I'm doing today."

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