Carjackers run out of gas after stealing car at Kroger fuel center

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A morning carjacking literally ran out of gas.

A man told police he was trying to get gas at the Kroger fuel center in Frayser on Wednesday when he was held and gun point and his car was stolen.

It wasn’t a typical afternoon for Carolyn Brown in her Frayser subdivision.

"I saw policemen in the neighborhood just trying to investigate what was going on," she explained.

Officers soon learned a man had been carjacked shortly before.

The victim said it happened at the Kroger Fuel Center off Frayser Boulevard, Wednesday around 11 a.m. in broad daylight.

The guy told officers he had pulled up in his Infiniti and was waiting for his turn at the pump.

However, he never got the chance to fill up.

He says another guy showed up in a Nissan Altima and took his spot.

The two exchanged words. Then he said the guy who cut him off got out a gun, chasing the owner of the Infiniti away.

A few seconds later the victim said he turned around and saw the gunman driving off in his car, with another driver of the Nissan Altima following him.

The victim wasn’t letting the guys get away easily.

A woman at the gas station let the victim use her phone to call police and helped him chase after them. They hopped into her SUV and the pursuit was on.

The victim says he followed the thieves less than a mile and a half away from the gas station he found off Gruber Drive and said they were actually pushing his vehicle down the road because it had run out of gas.

People we talked to told me these crooks don’t sound too bright.

"I guess if you come to the gas station you need to fill up, get gas. They should’ve waited 'til he filled up first," said one man filling up on Thursday.

Brown believes they got what was coming to them and perhaps someone else was watching.

"You took a car that was empty. Divine intervention for it to run out of gas.”

The thieves were last seen walking down the road and are still wanted.

While the car was recovered, the victim told police the carjackers still got away with his cellphone, debit card and Nike shoes.

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