Bullets fly into family’s new home in Fox Meadows

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Fox Meadows couple says they don't feel safe in their own home after a bullet ripped through their children's room. The couple says they just moved in a month ago, and they never imagined they'd be celebrating their new place with bullets flying so close to their loved ones.

"It was like they basically had the gun to the wall and pulled the trigger."

Courtney and Shamika Coleman say a bullet ripped through the walls of their home and shattered their peace.

"We heard a big boom," Shamika said.

The couple says they were just winding down from work just before 4 on Wednesday when a spent round from a 40 caliber bullet threatened to change their lives forever.

"When I saw the bullet on the floor, that's when I said this is real," Courtney said.

Too real for a father of three.

"It just so happened no one was hit, they weren't doing what they would normally be doing."

Normally, his daughter, who just graduated from high school, and his two sons would have been right in the line of fire.

"It came through right here, you see his chair right here; if he was sitting right here playing his game he would have gotten hit."

Courtney says usually his sons are playing their PlayStation, but on Wednesday they put the controllers down and were in their beds mere feet from the spot the bullet came crashing through.

"It was the grace of God that they weren't up playing the game at that moment or my daughter was sitting on the bed watching TV or doing her hair as usual."

In the case, the Colemans believe breaking out of their routines, even just for a day, may have made the ultimate difference.

In the meantime, they're thinking about heading out of town for the weekend, giving thanks for what didn't happen.

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