Senators to continue health care debate Wednesday

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CNN Newsource

WASHINGTON — Senators are scheduled to return to Capitol Hill Wednesday to continue debate on repealing and replacing Obamacare.

In a vote that could not have been any closer, Republicans began the debate Tuesday and there are signs the efforts will be far from easy.

By a vote of 43 in favor, 57 against Tuesday night, the first GOP effort in the Senate to repeal and replace Obamacare, has already failed.

The vote on that bill took place just hours after they decided, by the narrowest margin possible, to proceed with debates on health care.

Senator John McCain, a little more than a week after being diagnosed with brain cancer, returned for the vote.

In a passionate address, McCain said he was for debate but called the health care measure as it stands a “shell of a bill.”

“We keep trying to find a way to win without reaching across the aisle. We are getting nothing done,” he said.

Nine Republicans came out against last night’s amendment in the first of what is expected to be many versions of the bill headed to the Senate floor this week.

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