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Q-Mart on Lamar hit by gunshots, shoplifting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It's been a bad week for workers at one Orange Mound gas station, with a shooting and a shoplifting encounter about 24 hours apart from one another at the Q-Mart on Lamar Avenue.

Surveillance video shows people pumping gas ducking and running from flying bullets, and the man wearing white who first ran away soon comes back shooting his own gun.

"I don`t know why he pulled out the gun and he shoots," said Q-Mart manager Jack Hussein. "Nothing`s happening, I don`t see any people there but he`s shooting."

The shooting happened around midnight Monday at the Q-Mart.

The surveillance video shows people reacting to the bullets outside and also inside — a terrifying encounter managers say was unnecessary.
Hussein  says one of the employees' cars got shot during the exchange, along with the upper frame of a gas pump, and their outside window.

A bullet also went through one of the pumping stations and managers aren't sure if that's also going to have to be replaced.

Then about 24 hours later, police say two different men came into the store to shoplift.

Surveillance video shows one man grab a stack of shirts and head out the store as the other opens the door for him. An employee soon comes and pulls the second suspect into the store and locks him in.

Police say surveillance video makes it clear they were working together.
But Hussein says the crimes still keep happening and officers often show up too late, leaving them cleaning up an unwanted mess.

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