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Loved ones heartbroken Memphis cemetery has been neglected, in shambles

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis cemetery has been neglected and is in shambles, and some say the burial ground is even sinking.

Loved ones are heartbroken and frustrated and reached out to us for help about the lack of upkeep and common decency at Mount Carmel Cemetery.

The Whitehaven cemetery is off Elvis Presley and Elliston. WREG's Kristen Holloway got both sides of the story tonight.

Steve Shular with the county says crews cut the grass three weeks ago and they're coming out again Thursday, but one Memphis man we spoke with says the cemetery is so badly neglected, he believes the county is disrespecting the dead and leaving the living with no peace.

He also says he only sees action when the news is called.

"Them folks want to say they gon' come out here and cut this ... them folks ain't gon' do s**t," said Cedric Boyd. "This hole ain't even going be filled in, I'ma come back out here and put some dirt in it myself if they can't do it."

Strong words from Boyd who has three loved ones buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery.

"It's very disrespectful, I know nobody else wouldn't want to come here and see their parents' or loved one resting place looking like this," said Boyd.

High grass, knocked-over tombstones and some areas with sinkholes, one sitting right in front of Boyd's father's grave.

"I come out here to get my peace to talk to my father when I have frustration, but I come out here and see this, it makes me even madder," said Boyd.

On Saturday he took hours out of his day, cutting the grass around his family's graves.

"Every time I come out here the grass high, I never really just seen it cut," said Boyd.

Boyd also says it's a haven for crime.

"It's a good place to dump a body, no lights, dark street," said Boyd.

"I read on Facebook someone said they wouldn't even bury their dog over here and that was very insulting, that hurt my feelings because my father is buried right here."

County officials say they took over the cemetery four years ago and they're only responsible for basic maintenance, cutting the grass and removing trash and debris.

"If they can gate this up, close it like they close everybody else's and it keep it cut, I'll be satisfied," said Boyd. "I know it ain't gon' happen so I will continue to come out here and take care my father's grave and my sister and his wife."

County officials also told us they don't replace headstones but crews will be out Thursday to asses the sinkholes and to cut the grass.

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