Brownsville PD to retrain dispatchers after wrongful arrest

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BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. -- Late Tuesday, Brownsville Police Chief Barry Diebold sent WREG a detailed statement about the arrest of Veronica Pruitt, a legal gun permit holder, who police accused of carrying a stolen weapon.

A WREG investigation led to Pruitt's charges being dismissed after it was discovered that dispatchers ran the incorrect serial number.

Chief Diebold called the matter an "unfortunate incident" which has now led to the retraining of dispatchers.

Pruitt was arrested on June 9 and charged with theft of property. A day after the theft charge was officially dropped against Pruitt, she said police told her she could have her gun back.

But we're still waiting to find out why the officer made the decision to run a check on Pruitt's gun in the first place.