Arkansas National Guard officers’ gun, badge stolen from unlocked car in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are trying to find the person who stole several items, including a handgun, from officers with the Arkansas National Guard.

It happened Monday afternoon when one left a work truck unattended and unlocked in Midtown.

"That's scary right there. That's absolutely scary," Thea Trigg said. "It`s really surprising to learn an officer did that for the sole fact they should've known better."

Memphis police say William Kriegbaum with the Arkansas Counter Drug Force left his work truck parked in this lot on Madison Avenue shortly after noon Monday.

A crook stole a handgun, his badge from the task force, a laptop, a tablet and a handheld down link device worth $50,000.

Police say the victim had left his car for just over an hour when he came back and found all those items missing.

Detectives say there was no sign of forced entry since the doors appeared to have been left unlocked.

The police report says the gun left in the car belonged to Kriegbaum`s colleague Christian Biggs.

Biggs also had clothes and a knife taken.

He and Kriegbaum are listed as working for the Arkansas National Guard.

A spokesperson told us they're working with local law enforcement to recover the stolen items, but wouldn't comment on an active investigation.

"I would think any adult, especially one with that sort of training would have to accept some responsibility for his actions, but he would not be the first young man that had a misstep," the spokesman said.