Neighbor seeks a solution to trash pile in yard

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Boxes of junk, tires and old furniture have turned a Berclair-area home into an eyesore.

But it's more than that. Neighbors say it's causing a rodent and pest problem.

"There just seems to be a lot of trash piled up every day, and the other day I noticed them taking a leaf blower and blowing the trash directly into the street," said Tim Hansgen, who noticed the problem a couple of months ago.

"The trash pile has gotten to the point where there`s rats scattering in the backyard, roaches coming in and out."

Outside the home are tires, a child's car seat, even a freezer and a dresser sitting outside.

Hansgen said he's contacted the property manager — Crestcore — at least six times, and the city's Code Enforcement department three times. But his emails have been ignored and nothing is being done.

The rest of the houses on Duke Road are well maintained. It's clear most of the people on this block care about how their homes look.

No one answered the door when we tried get the renters' side of the story Friday.

Hansgen said he doesn't want anyone to get kicked out of their home. He just wants the property cleaned up.

"I want my neighborhood to look good, I want it to be safe and if there`s anything going on, I want to try and get it taken care of," Hansgen said.

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