Sisters of slain pregnant mother of three grateful boyfriend was arrested

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DESOTO CO, Miss. -- Two-and-a-half months after she was found shot in the head next to a burning car in rural DeSoto County, the boyfriend of a murdered pregnant mother of three is facing charges.

On Thursday, DeSoto County Sheriff investigators announced Mario Stevenson is charged with capital murder.

His pregnant girlfriend, Lashanda Otis, was found dead next to a burning car on Graves Road back in May.

Another man, Demario Dansberry, was arrested several days after Otis was found dead. He was charged with capital murder.

After months of waiting, the Lashanda's family said they're grateful to have answers.

"I’m feeling relieved. I am. I mean ever since I got that call yesterday I haven’t stopped smiling and I’m still thanking God," said Aretha Otis.

Sitting side by side on Thursday, sisters Aretha Otis and Shalanda Otis said since they received the sickening news their sister, 29-year-old Lashanda Otis, Shalanda’s twin, had been murdered, they suspected her boyfriend, Mario Stevenson, was involved.

The sisters have their suspicions for why they believe he was part of the sinister crime.

"Insurance money. He had insurance out on her," explained Aretha.

So far DeSoto County Sheriff detectives have not released a motive behind the mother of three’s murder.

WREG discovered 34-year-old Stevenson has a lengthy rap sheet, some of the crimes violent, and is serving time in the Tennessee prison system.

"I always worried about my sister. I even begged her not to go. Because this man been locked up for so many years. And he got locked up when she was pregnant with your daughter so she didn’t really know him when he did get out last year," said Aretha.

She is heartsick Stevenson was ever released.

"Why did they let him out the first time? He should’ve never gotten out.”

With Lashanda gone, Aretha takes care of her three children, ages 3, 5, and 9.

"I know that it’s hurting them a lot because they wake up screaming."

She said her sister had a big heart.

"She took me in for a place to stay me and my kids when we had no place to stay. She was sweet, she was caring.”

While they waited months for answers, the sisters said they never gave up on their faith.

"At times it was frustrating, but I knew if I just continued to pray to God I knew I was going to get justice. I knew justice was going to get served especially for my nieces and nephews," said Aretha.

The sisters believe another person could be arrested.

WREG reached out to the sheriff’s office to see if they expect to make more arrests but have not heard back.

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