Man steals MATA bus driver’s wig, beats passenger in attempt to get weave

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Quartisha Cotton is still in pain a day after she says a man boarded a MATA bus and began violently targeting its occupants for their hairpieces.

“My head ain’t stopped hurting yet,” Cotton said. “He done pulled my brains out.”

Cotton told WREG she was riding the bus to work like she always does around 8 a.m. Wednesday, when the bus made an unexpected stop on Jackson Avenue.

“The bus driver jumped up out her seat and she was laughing,” Cotton said.

The driver was wig-less, victim to one passenger’s prank — or so it seemed at first.

“I turned to look out the window and he was standing there with her wig.”

But things soon took a violent turn, when the alleged wig thief, Marico Lumpkin, got back on the bus.

“He threw the wig at her, ran over there to me, grabbed my hat, and I had my hair sewed in, so he grabbed my head and was beating, just beating me in my face and head and stuff like I was a man,” Cotton said.

It’s not clear if police actually arrested Lumpkin, but Cotton said she saw him being detained.

There’s no mugshot, and WREG had no luck tracking him down Thursday.

We have learned police spotted him fighting with another man in the middle of the street just two days before the alleged weave-thieving.

WREG also learned Lumpkin was once a licensed security guard, but his license expired two years ago.

Cotton says she’ll be only so lucky if all her pain expires.

“I woke up, I was like, ‘Oh, can I get up?’”

In a police report, officers noted Lumpkin has no documented history of mental illness.

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