Shot fired at a Mid-South property manager in North Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shots were fired at a Mid-South property manager, and the shooter is still on the run.

This happened Monday evening in the 200 block of Bickford Street in North Memphis.

"I felt it on my leg then I said oh my God, he's shooting at me."

The property manager at Bickford Square Apartments showed WREG the bullet holes after he says a man fired five shots at his truck.

"There's this one that's in the door and then here, the two that hit my truck."

This all happened after the manager was following up on another crime from a month ago.

"I was in my back parking lot with my courtesy officer and we were actually looking for another guy that broke into my office the night after the storm."

That's when he says he saw a guy — caught on camera — who tried to go in the back door at the apartment building.

"It's really hard to determine what his motives were, a lot times folks will go looking for somebody they're trying to shoot or a victim."

The manager said his courtesy officer asked to see the man's ID because they noticed the man had a knife.

"He still highly confrontational and I said, 'Man you just need to leave now, you just need to leave,' and so he walked off."

As the property manager was pulling out of the back parking lot, headed towards Bickford and 5th, he says the crook came back and opened fire.

"It was kind of surreal, I'm thinking is this actually happening, is somebody actually trying to shoot me."

The manager said he didn't think a conversation would lead to him almost losing his life.

"I guess always be careful who you talk to because you don't really know what their mindset is and I guess you have to be careful and watch their movements."

If you recognize the man in the surveillance video, call police.