Residents of Fox Meadows apartment complex still without AC as temperatures heat up

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Imagine living in an apartment complex where you don't have the comfort of air conditioning in this scorching heat. Some people don't have to imagine it; it's reality for the people living at the Eden at Watersedge apartment complex in Fox Meadows.

WREG went out there last week because people were suffering.

The complex was given until close of business Thursday to get the air fixed. But as we discovered, at least 30 apartment units are still without air.

Now the city of Memphis is stepping in, saying it will fine the complex if all units are not in working order by the end of Thursday.

In one apartment, the AC unit is broken; the thermostat shows 50, but it's actually above 90 degrees in the home.

Those conditions are unbearable for a father who is trying to make sure his son who has a heart condition is comfortable.

Hot and heated, father Antwan Williams is at the end of his rope with trying to get his AC unit fixed. He says his pet fish are dying and, worse, his son is suffering.

"It's not the fish I am worried about, all of that can be replaced, my son's life can't be replaced," said Williams.

He says he showed management a letter from his son Chase's doctor letting them know because of a heart condition, the little boy needs to stay cool.

"I took them necessary paperwork saying he's a sick child and he can't stay in these conditions and I'm still in above 90 degrees," added Williams.

You could see the sweat collecting even as WREG interviewed the father. Just before noon he told WREG he was waiting on someone to come fix the air just as he's been waiting for relief since March; he says no one ever showed up.

"You all know that he has a heart problem and you can't even come check on him," said Williams.

"I'm doing anything as a father just to keep him cool because I don't have the money for a hotel because I'm trying to pay them," added. Williams.

Due to the blistering heat and unbearable night sweats, Williams is driven to fill up his tank and camp out in his car most nights as he continues to wait on the day he can relax in comfortably in his own home.

Aside from sleeping his car, the father says out of desperation he's purchased fans.