Raleigh mother says she was checking mail when bullet almost hit her kids inside home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A young mother of two is begging young people in her Raleigh neighborhood to stop treating guns like a game after a bullet shot through her bedroom while her kids were in bed.

Yolanda Bonner saved up to lease a new home in Raleigh, an upgrade from the apartment she and her two children moved out of three months ago.

But after a recent incident, she questioned that decision.

“As soon as I checked the mail, I heard a gunshot. But in this area hearing a gunshot is kind of normal, so I didn’t think that close," she said of what happened around 1 p.m. Monday.

When she came back inside, she checked on her kids.

“They were sitting there scared. They had sheet rock in their hair," she said.

She realized the gunshot hit her new home and went through the room where her kids were on the bed.

She showed us where the bullet came through from the outside, zipped through her bedroom and is now still lodged in the wall above her bed.

“My 5-year-old was here and my 3-year-old was laying down here,” she said.

She thought the shot probably came from neighbors who lived one street over. Other neighbors have told her they treat guns like a game, she said.

"Just shooting guns for no reason isn’t safe for your children or other people’s children. You’re putting people’s lives in danger," Bonner said. “Go to a range or somewhere. Don’t do it in a neighborhood where bullets can just stray off.”

She said she’s not going to move just yet but eventually wanted to give her kids a better life.

“I’m going to school and working two jobs. By the time I get done with all of this I’ll be in a better area. Hopefully stray bullets and things like this won’t happen," she said.

Meanwhile, she pleaded with her neighbors to take guns more seriously, knowing they could end an innocent life.