Pass It On: Woman thanks good Samaritan who came to her aid

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This story begins late at night in a dark parking lot at an auto parts store.

"It was late, a little after 10 o'clock and I could not get my brake lights to turn off. I had asked several people and no one would help me, so I took a chance and asked him and not only did he take the time to look at it, he went inside the store, bought the part and put it on."

Catherine Jones was so touched by a stranger's kindness that she wanted to return the favor.

"I am so glad that he helped me because there's not a lot of people that would stop and help you, and buy the part."

With our camera crew in tow, Catherine led WREG's Tim Simpson to the good Samaritan's shop to Pass It On.

He was a little reluctant at first, but Catherine persisted.

"I know some people don't have good intentions but you took a chance after 10 o'clock to help me. And I really appreciate that Peter."

"You're welcome."

Peter told our crew he knew Catherine was up to something, but wasn't sure what.

"She told me she had a surprise but I didn't think like that," he said.

"You were expecting maybe chocolate chip cookies or something," Tim said.

"Something like that."

Catherine said she now has a new friend thanks to Peter's random act of kindness.

"It feels wonderful to help people and he didn't expect it. And that's the best kind of giving, when they least expect it."