Families try to keep cool at annual Southaven tournament

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- Families attending the annual Dizzy Dean tournament took extra measures to make sure they stayed cool and safe Tuesday as Memphis temperatures hit the highest levels of the year.

Families from as far as North Carolina and New Orleans came to Southaven for 10 days over two weeks to cheer on their team. Officials said 200 teams were scheduled to play.

“We have medical assistance here. The fire department keeps a golf cart here with emergency personnel here,” Dizzy Dean Commissioner Danny Phillips said.

He said they usually have some heat incidents every year.

“We had one young man, the day before yesterday from Grenada, Mississippi. He was a catcher so because of equipment he did have a heat problem. We cooled him down. He’s better today and doing fine,” Phillips said.

Parents like Jeff Harden tried to stay in the shade as much as possible and packed necessities.

“We have cool rages, Gatorade, ice water, head bandannas. We have portable fans," he said.

Dizzy Dean officials said they also provide water. Snow cones were also for sale.