Three of four South Memphis shooting suspects behind bars

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Shelby County Sheriff's Office

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An adult and two juveniles are now behind bars after shots were fired into a South Memphis home this week.

Taquezz Brooks was given a $25,000 bond and charged with eight counts of aggravated assault.

The two juveniles have not been identified because of their age.

Police said a fourth juvenile managed to escape and is still at large as of Friday morning.

All four are facing charges stemming from an alleged incident that happened Tuesday evening in the 1100 block of Severson.

Police said it all started when two juveniles knocked on the door looking to fight another individual, but instead ended up getting into an argument with three people inside.

After several minutes the pair left, but they didn’t get very far before two other males joined them.

That’s when the victims said they saw one of the juveniles take a gun from one of the men and began walking back towards them.

He pointed the gun and opened fire, sending bullets flying into the home before fleeing the scene.

But it didn’t take police long to track the suspects down.

According to the police report,one of the victims flagged down an officer less than 15 minutes later at Bellevue and Williams saying the suspects were walking down the street.

Three of the suspects were taken into custody while the fourth man fled on foot.

During questioning, all three stated the juvenile who escaped was the one who pulled the trigger, but couldn’t agree on who gave him the gun.

The two juveniles claimed it was Brooks who maintained his innocence saying it was one of the teens.

Brooks is scheduled to appear in court next week.