Woman, neighbor fight off attempted robber in Midtown

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Flashing lights filled a Midtown neighborhood not far from popular shopping and dining areas early Tuesday morning.

But it was the accused attacker, identified in a police report as Kerry Petty, who was taken away on a stretcher in critical condition.

The bright lights from the disturbance woke up those in the neighborhood, who were startled by the sight.

Kerry petty

Kerry Petty was charged with robbery and aggravated assault

"There was just the fire trucks and the police outside and I thought, 'Oh Lord was it a robbery or a murder or what?' said a woman, who wasn't comfortable showing her face on camera.

It was just before 1 a.m. Tuesday morning. Police got a call a woman was getting out of her car in her apartment complex parking lot and was starting to walk to her door when she noticed Petty.

Before she could make it inside her apartment she told police Petty ran at her, trying to grab her laptop bag. That's when she started screaming.

A neighbor heard and came outside to help. That's when a knock-down, drag-out fight started among the three.

According to the police report, during the fight, Petty kept trying to get the laptop bag that the victim said was carrying a gun.

A witness said they heard Petty say, "I'm going to shoot." A short time later several gunshots went off, but it's unclear who fired them.

The scene of the busy crime was right off busy North McLean right across from the Memphis Catholic School as well as the Target house.

"It can happen anywhere, anytime."

Other neighbors we talked to had the same mindset. They're grateful the victim is OK, but they're determined to not let crime deter their lives.