MPD increasing patrols in Highland strip area as development continues

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Highland strip area is seeing more traffic as development continues in the University of Memphis hot spot.

“This has been a huge rejuvenation of this area which I appreciate for the students of University of Memphis," Chakia Parham said.

But the area is also marked by crime; Memphis Police said the CK Coffee Shop was robbed Sunday for the third time in as many months. They said the crooks got away this time with $120 in cash.

Some employees told WREG they were afraid to go to work.

In a statement released to WREG, Memphis Police said they were increasing patrols in the area. They were also working with U of M Police.

But not everyone felt the same way.

"The code of language around safety comes from the fact that it's bordered by neighborhoods that are predominantly black, and that’s realistic about the city of Memphis. So I think the safety concern comes from that place," Parham said.

Other managers of businesses on the Highland strip said they felt safe when they came to work, especially because they’ve taken security precautions like adding cameras to the outside of their buildings. The strip also employs security guards.

“That happens in many areas across the city where unfortunately businesses are robbed, but I've been here in and out this summer everyday and I've never felt any threat to my safety,” Parham said.