Little boy with cerebral palsy gets a stroller so he can walk around

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tawanda Cason is a teacher on a mission.

"I'm trying to help Mrs. Robinson, she's teaching kindergarten here in the summer program. She has a son with cerebral palsy, CP, and she has to spend a lot of money on equipment," she said.

The piece of equipment needed in this case is a $2,500 stroller. But Tawanda got the ball rolling before we ever showed up.

"So I reached out to my family and friends and collected $1,300. So $1,300 toward that $2,500," she said.

"Well, we're going to help you out today," WREG's Tim Simpson said, handing her $300 from News Channel 3 and an additional $300 from an anonymous doctor in Collierville. That's a total of $600 to put toward that chair.

"Thank you so much, she's going to be so excited."

It's time to roll, from the library to principal's office. But our recipient, Denise Robinson, isn't in trouble. She's about to receive an unexpected blessing.

"We started working together last week, and you told me so much about EJ and how you were working this summer to buy him a stroller that cost $2,500. Your story just touched my heart. You're such a loving mother and strong teacher," Tawanda told her. "The news has given me $600 to pass on to you, and then there's $1300 from my family and friends."

Denise is happy to receive $600 from WREG and our generous Collierville doctor, but the extra money Tawanda raised is over the top. It's a sweet, unexpected moment from a friend who sees a need and wants to help.

"Oh wow, it's a blessing 'cause I promise you it's really hard. We just fight through it."

EJ is carried to the car, but with the help of Pass It On and a sweet, caring friend, he'll be able to get around in a new stroller.