Homeless family was living in converted shed when baby severely burned

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OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. — A report from Olive Branch police reveals new details after a 10-month-old baby was severely burned in a fire.

Officers arrived at the Keely Cove property shortly after 4 p.m. Monday to discover a structure behind the main home was on fire.

The homeowner said the building had been renovated into living quarters and was being rented out to a 32-year-old homeless father, a 19-year-old female and the baby.

Based on information from the police report, it appears the baby was in its crib inside the building alone when the fire started.

They didn't say how long the child was alone or indicate who was supposed to be looking after it.

However, we do know the father was down the street doing yard work while the woman was in the garage when they were alerted to the blaze.

A nurse on the scene was able to care for the child until paramedics arrived.

In all, three people including the baby were taken to Olive Branch Methodist Hospital for treatment.

Their conditions have not been released.