Bride surprised on wedding day by man who received her son’s heart

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CBS Newspath

WASILLA, Ak. — They say every woman dreams about her wedding day, but one Alaska woman said she never could have dreamed up what would happen on her big day.

“Everything just seemed to be so easy,” said Becky Turney.

“This person will do the photos, this person will do my make up, this person will do my hair.”

But despite her plans the unexpected happened just minutes into the ceremony when her groom stepped away to make a surprising announcement.

“As you know we have a seat saved for our son Triston who couldn’t make it, but he’s here for us in spirit. But what a lot of you may not know is that Triston was an organ donor and that was his choice, and by doing that it opened us up to some pretty amazing people, and one of those young men who received his heart,  he’s going to come up and be our 6th groomsman,” he said.

He then introduced Jacob Kilby.

Triston died in 2015 when he was just 19 years old.

Now, Jacob — a man Becky had spoken to but never met — had brought his heart to her wedding.

“He walked up to me with a stethoscope in hand and he asked me if I wanted to hear Triton’s heart. How do you say no to that?”

Becky’s husband, Kelly, had been planning the surprise for months.

“Giving her a physical gift or something store bought just isn’t her style so I thought to myself what could I do to make that day the most special I could.”

Meeting Jacob was the ultimate gift.

“The family is super great and we’ve connected well and it definitely going to last a lifetime,” said Jacob.

Looking at the photos days later, Becky said they still bring a mixture of tears and joy. The experience has taught her the value of the gift of life and how it can truly live on.