Tenants fed up after being left with no A/C for weeks in scorching temperatures

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Tenants at one Fox Meadows apartment complex say they are fed up after being without air conditioning for more than two weeks.

One single father reached out to News Channel 3 for help, because he says his constant requests to management have gone ignored.

He says that not only is his family miserable, but they're still paying the same amount in rent to live in a place where nothing seems to work.

Outside it's a scorching 91 degrees on this Mid-South summer day.

And inside Anthony Mann's apartment ā€“ a stifling 85.

"It's not right," he said.

The single dad of two teens tells News Channel 3 it's been nothing but trouble since he moved into the Eden at Watersedge Apartments on South Mendenhall in February.

He says his air conditioning has been out for going on three weeks, but management won't fix it.

"I went down to the office plenty of times, almost every day for a whole week complaining about the same old issues," Mann said.

With highs in the 90s all week, he and his teens are forced to take cold showers to cool off and huddle into one bedroom just so they can share a fan.

"It makes me want to move somewhere else because it's so hot and I can't take it," said Mann's daughter Shay'la.

Adding insult to injury, Mann says there are a slew of other issues.

Among them, their fridge has been leaking for months, and the dishwasher is backing up and full of some sort of brown sludge and tiny bugs.

"I refuse to use it because I don't know the bacteria and the germsā€¦" Mann said.

Their garbage disposal doesn't work, and he and his family can forget a home-cooked meal because the oven has been broken for weeks.

"I want to bake chicken or something like that or make a meatloaf," Mann said. "I can't even do that because my oven's not working."

And this is at least the fourth complaint News Channel 3 has gotten about this apartment complex in just the last month ā€“ all with the same issues ā€“ broken kitchen appliances and leaks, and no A/C.

"I don't want this to happen to nobody else," Mann said. "I just want them to fix it."

News Channel 3 reached out to management at the Eden at Watersedge Apartments Sunday for their side of the story, but their office was closed.