Man banished from Lafayette County

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OXFORD, Miss. – Wild West justice has made its way to a Mississippi county as a man is told to get out of town.

Matt Reardon said he will be banished from Lafayette County as part of a plea deal he accepted Thursday which also saw him plead guilty to aggravated stalking in exchange for having another charge dropped.

“It bothers me. It bothers me a good bit,” Reardon said of the requirement that he stay out of Lafayette County.

The banishment has yet to take effect, but when it does, Reardon could potentially face jail time should he return to the county during his five-year probation period.

“I agreed to it in order to settle this thing out, to get out of jail,” Reardon said.

“It’s a situation that benefits safety both ways. The perceived safety on behalf of the public and most importantly, to us,” Reardon’s attorney, Brennan Horan, told WREG by phone.

Reardon wouldn’t get specific about the aggravated stalking charge he pleaded guilty to, but insisted, “I would never put anybody’s life in jeopardy.”

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department wouldn’t release the police report relating to the stalking charge, but two restaurant managers told WREG Reardon has caused disturbances at their businesses on Oxford Town Square. They wouldn’t elaborate and neither would Reardon.

“I cannot talk about that.”

At the end of the day, Reardon said he took the plea deal for the sake of his two-year-old daughter, who ironically, he may now have a tougher time seeing since she lives in Lafayette County.

“And that gets back to the selfless acts of being a parent,” Reardon said.

Judge Kelly Luther, who signed off on the plea deal, told WREG it’s rare for defendants to be banished, but that it has happened from time to time.

WREG left a message for the prosecutor on the case, but never heard back.

Reardon said as part of the deal, he had to waive his right to sue Lafayette County or the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department.

He said he plans to move out of state, but wouldn’t say where.